Covid-19 Updates


Our training delivery continues to be conducted remotely online, we are well equipped online to support your learning needs and wellbeing. We will continue to assess this decision in light of unfolding developments and guidance from government sources.

Term 4 – 2020

Please note that our Sydney, Gold Coast campuses are open to offering you support including WiFi internet in case you have limited internet access at home.

  • All ASG ELICOS courses, will continue to be delivered via Zoom/Teams until further notice
  • All Blue Bay VET courses, for all students, will continue to be delivered via Zoom/Teams from Monday 12th October 2020 until 13th December 2020 (the end of Term 4).
  • All Orientations will be done via ZOOM. You will be emailed soon of days your class timetable (please keep checking your emails)
  • If you get unwell please due to the virus, please inform us to support you & click on: for assistance!

We will email you with any new developments, so please check your e-mail inboxes regularly. If you have questions, please contact us:

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