General English – Course Code : 096436M

Beginning at Level 1 – Starter, students can progress through to Levels 2 – 5 (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate).

Our syllabus focuses on helping adult learners gain confidence in all skill areas using authentic materials and contains a wide range of support material. It attends to the four macro-skills as well as grammar, functions, vocabulary and pronunciation, based around thematic units.

Students entering this course can improving their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for use in daily life, employment and understanding of some specialist situations. This course is also suitable for students wanting to improve their English proficiency as a pathway to further studies
Entry Requirements – International Students
Course delivery
Class Times
Monday – Friday 8am – 12 pm
Weekly intakes
Please ask our friendly staff about course fees.
Level 1 General English (Starter) 10 Weeks
Level 2 General English (Elementary) 12 Weeks
Level 3 General English (Pre-intermediate) 12 Weeks
Level 4 General English (Intermediate) 10 Weeks
Level 5 General English (Upper Intermediate) 10 Weeks

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